Beauty Treatments If You Get Engaged

Date: check. Venue: check. Dress: check. But what about your skin? Your hair? Your bridal beauty regimen requires a little more planning than just scheduling hair and makeup trials — especially if you really want to radiate on your wedding day.

To achieve complexion perfection and shampoo commercial-worthy strands, you’ll want to start planning pretty much as soon as that sparkly rock is on your finger. Ahead, experts share the seven beauty treatments to book as soon as he pops the question, along with a convenient schedule to follow.

As you begin your bridal skin regimen, you want to start with a clean slate (i.e. complexion), and a deep cleansing facial is the best way to do so, says Klara Chrzuszcz, owner of theSkinCeuticals Advanced Spa by Klara Beauty Lab in New York City. Steaming and extractions will help clean out your pores, ensuring anything you do from now on will be more effective.

But with facials it’s not a one-and-done type deal. Chrzuszcz suggests discussing your skin with your aesthetician at this appointment and scheduling regular facials between now and the big day. “A monthly facial is ideal, but if that’s not an option, as often as you can is better than nothing,” she says. Work with your go-to skin guru to devise the routine — including at home fixes as well as in-spa treatments — that’ll get you glowing by the time you don the big white dress.

Before you say your “I dos,” it’s time to see the light — literally. “Light therapy is great because you can’t overdo it,” says Chrzuszcz. “It’s an amazing modality that boosts energy in the skin cells and can treat different skin concerns.” If signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles, are your primary concern, opt for red light, which stimulates collagen production (note, this should be done a little further out, since the effects aren’t instantaneous). To treat acne-prone skin, blue light gently and effectively minimizes bacteria and soothes skin, says Chrzuszcz. Plus you can do it as close as two weeks before the wedding.

Lately more and more brides have been game for going under the needle in the name of a flawless face. After all, fillers or botox can be an effective way to smooth out lines and wrinkles fast.

Of course, botox and filler first-timers probably do not want to try injectables right before their wedding. If you’ve never gone under the syringe, but want to, book an initial appointment as soon as you get engaged, as far out from your wedding as possible. Pay close attention to the results, how long they last and what you do and don’t like. If this isn’t your first rodeo, plan on Botox or similar neurotoxins a month out; any closer to the date and your muscles may not have time to fully adjust and let the effects settle, advises Chrzuszcz. Filler injections can be scheduled two months prior, since they tend to last a bit longer.