Get Awards Show Worthy Skin

Glowing skin is basically a prerequisite for hitting the red carpet, but how do celebritiesalways manage to look so good? Thanks in part to social media, it’s become less of a secret that there’s a full team behind every celebrity’s flawless face. Celebs have aestheticians and makeup artists who recommend and apply the best skin-care products in the industry, starting with red carpet facials in the weeks before show time and ending with last-minute touch-ups before they step in front of the flashing cameras.

While a dazzling collection of gowns or a team dedicated to lip gloss application isn’t likely in our future, a red-carpet-worthy glow looks good on everyone. We caught up with some of our favorite skin-care experts in the industry to find out just how stars prep themselves for some of the biggest nights in entertainment. After all, the classic red carpet question, “Who are you wearing?” can be just as easily applied to skin care as to clothes. Ahead, skin-care secrets from the glowing skin gurus behind Beyonce, Emily Blunt, Rihanna and more.

Skin that stays dewy in the red carpet crowd — and in front of all those flash bulbs — is a major achievement. Cut toJane Iredale Hydration Spray, $30, which Rihanna’s makeup artist Mylah Morales uses to keep Rih looking fresh. The refreshing spray is best “prior to applying foundation as a way to prep the skin for all day, long-lasting coverage,” she says. Morales swears by the Balance formulation of the spray, which contains all natural essential oils like grapefruit, algae and orange peel.

Stars do more than use just mask and moisturize on red carpet day. Regular facials are part of celebrity skin maintenance, says aesthetician Valentina Budnaysky of thePaul Labrecque Salon and Spa. Budnaysky has treated Blunt with the salon’s hour-long Bio Sculpt Lift & Firm Facial. It provides “immediate results to brighten, tighten and oxygenate the skin,” which makes it perfect right before your next big event. “I recommend receiving treatments beginning four weeks out, coming in once each week leading up to the big day,” says Budnaysky. “If you can make it in on the actual day, that’s recommended, too,” she adds. This treatment also comes with a red carpet price tag: $220 for 60 minutes.