How to Get Great Skin on the Cheap

The journey to youthful, hydrated skin can be a pricey one, but it doesn’t have to be. Our reviewers went on a hunt for the best drugstore moisturizer — one that boasts all the qualities of a hundred-dollar face moisturizer for a third of the price.

So what does it take to be named best drugstore moisturizer? We’re talking hydrating properties, fast absorption, a non-greasy texture and most importantly, results. We trusted our readers to comb through the hundreds of drugstore moisturizers on the market to find the No. 1 best drugstore facial moisturizer. With these 11 top-rated face creams, say hello to a perfect (and reasonably priced) complexion. Click through to find the best drugstore moisturizer. Average Member Rating: 8.6*
Why it’s great: No matter what your skin type, this hydrating, non-greasy drugstore moisturizer works wonders, according to readers. One reader with oily skin in some areas and dry skin in others writes, “This is lightweight, and it hydrates, but sinks in completely. No shiny, greasy finish … and my flaky spots are smoothed over.”

Why it’s great: The name says it all, as readers claim this ultra-hydrating face cream doesn’t irritate sensitive skin, leave you greasy or cause breakouts. “No breakouts, no whiteheads and certainly no rashes from this baby,” says one reader. Users also love how quickly this drugstore moisturizer sinks into skin and claim it even makes their makeup last longer throughout the day. “It is very moisturizing and it feels like heaven when you rub it into your skin,” gushes one reader. “This is perfect for sensitive, or not-so-sensitive, skin.”

Why it’s great: In addition to smoothing skin, this product corrects dark spots, reviewers report. “After only five days of morning and nighttime use, my acne scars have already faded, and my complexion appears much more even,” a user writes. Reviewers enjoy the product’s “incredibly light,” “non-greasy,” texture as well.