Tattoo Technique Your Brows

Tattooed makeup has come a long way. Gone are the days of harlequin eyebrows and overdraw, one-dimensional liner. Today’s tattoos look pretty and natural — and tattooed brows are especially realistic.

The process of brow tattooing — which is now often called microblading — is a meticulous art that doesn’t puncture the skin as deeply as a traditional tattoo. “Instead of using a machine, I use a more precise hand held tool,” explains Piret Aava, better known as The Eyebrow Doctor. And she uses the microblading tool to create thin lines that look like real eyebrow hairs. The end result is unbelievably natural.

You’ll want to have the treatment done by someone like Piret, because she’s a true brow artist. She’ll consider the shape of your face and brows as well as your skin tone before microblading. Other than that, there aren’t many reasons anyone who fills in their brows shouldn’t have them tattooed. Read on to find out if eyebrow tattoos are right for you.

And it shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, you’re probably willing to apply 10 different serums and visit the dermatologist on the regular to keep your face looking as young as possible, but what about your hands? They’re lucky if they get a little lotion once and a while.

Even though no one wants wrinkly, crepe-y, speckled hands, most people don’t take many preventative steps to avoid hand aging. “Hands are our fastest aging body part,” says Elle Sirot, a top hand model and creator of Sirot Skincare. “They are constantly exposed to the elements in all seasons, and the hands are our full time tools fulfilling every action that we do throughout the day. All of that is hard enough, but when you add in the biggest culprit of aging hands — the constant wear and tear from washing our hands dozens of times each day — you can see why many women have ‘hand horror.'”

To avoid (or start to reverse) “hand horror,” Sirot highly recommends wearing gloves when you do household cleaning — especially washing dishes — and avoiding drying hand sanitizers. Aside from that, it’s all about treating your hands like your face. Spend a minute or two on a basic skin care routine, and apply SPF during the day.