The art of face washing

We do this ritual in the morning to look and feel refreshed and awake (even when we likely get less than six hours of sleep). And then we wash the day off of our faces in the evening, removing all traces of makeup, as well as any dirt and excess oil.

But a cleanser is a cleanser, right? Don’t they all do the same job? Hardly. Our readers gave us their two cents about which face cleansers made their faces squeaky clean — without leaving their skin feeling like the Sahara. What face wash was ranked No. 1 by readers?

See the 17 best facial cleansers now to find out.

This list of skin care products has got something for everyone. There are face wash formulas for all different skin types, from sensitive to acne-prone to combination to dry to oily and even those of us with rosacea. You can choose from bars or pump soaps, mild or deep facial cleansers and take your pick from exfoliating, creamy, foamy or even frothyface washes. You’ll see that these best face cleansers give our readers their best skin ever and helps them put their, um, best face forward every day.


Why it’s great: Looking for an “extremely gentle and pure” cleanser that “melts away impurities”? You may find it in this luxurious face wash. “This is the best cleanser that I have ever used,” says one reviewer. “It leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean with a fresh scent.”

Why it’s great: Readers say there’s a lot to like about this “all-natural” cleanser, which is “replete with beneficial, delightful ingredients.” One reviewer highlights the soothing texture, which “starts out like a grainy scrub, then melts into a foamy lather and rinses clean.” Another adds, “This balanced my skin [and] gave me a glow and the right amount of moisture.”